USAF’s Dogfight Power Curve / Air Superiority

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USAF’s Dogfight Power Curve How USAF aims to maintain air superiority in the 2020s.

After decades of all-but-guaranteed control of the air in every military conflict, the US Air Force will enter the 2020s
freshly challenged and behind the power curve. Potential adversaries are closing the technology gap, and USAF will
have to field new equipment and new concepts of operation in order to sustain air superiority in the decades to come.
“The perceived lack of a peer adversary and the need to allocate resources” to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq led the Pentagon “to forgo investments in advanced air capabilities needed for future high end operations,” the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments concluded in “An Air Force for an Era of Great Power Competition,” a March 2019
analysis of the Air Force’s future needs. This failure has “created a window of opportunity” for Russia and China to develop advanced ballistic and cruise missiles, integrated air defense systems, anti-satellite
weapons, cyber capabilities, and more—that today “are eroding America’s airpower advantage.”
USAF’s Dogfight Power Curve How USAF aims to maintain air superiority in the 2020s....................

Interesting quote.....

New engines, more range. The Adaptive Engine Transition
Program (AETP) will provide significantly longer range or
loiter time than existing F-22 and F-35 engines, while also
improving acceleration, speed, and altitude.
Rafael Garcia,
USAF’s deputy program executive o—fficer for propulsion,
said AETP will be the first new fighter propulsion program
in 32 years. “We’re going to put it in everything,” he declared. ... te=09/2019

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