Adobe Flash depreciation and the F-16 Fleet Reports

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Hi, on the 31th of December 2020, Adobe ceased supporting Flash Player, and on January 12, 2021, they updated Flash Player so that it will actively be blocked from playing Flash content. As a result, the F-16 fleet reports are no longer viewable from any modern browser.

Are there plans to redevelop these F-16 fleet report charts using alternative software?

Probably the cleanest (and possibly easiest) method of doing it would be to have the Flash files converted to HTML5 files (there are programs for this).

Alternatively, while it may involve some work, the F-16 fleet reports data could be done on something like a Google Spreadsheet document (with spreadsheet graphs resembling the Flash graphs made from the data); Google Spreadsheet documents can supposedly be embedded in website HTML, and these documents could be made read-only, or downloadable.

Another alternative, although less than ideal, would be to do the spreadsheet idea again, but this time as a downloadable Excel spreadsheet. If the fleet reports data was updated, the Excel file would need to be updated and redownloaded by users, but it'd be reasonably functional at least.

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