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Unread post16 Jun 2013, 22:05

When I select New posts, sometimes I get more than one page which is fine, but if I open a post in a separate tab (I do this for all messages that interest me and then read them at my leisure) the posts in the subsequent search pages go away. Is this a "feature" of F-16.net settings or a weakness in the underlying software? I ask because it's a bit annoying to remember to open all search pages before opening messages.


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F-16.net Webmaster

F-16.net Webmaster

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Unread post16 Jun 2013, 22:15

Hi Roscoe,

We're in the process of upgrading various parts of the site (includes the forum software), and as a result this "feature" should be upgraded to "works as you actually want it to" in the not too distant future.

It will take a few weeks though (you might have noticed our first priority is migrating the gallery to a less bug-prone version - currently ongoing).

In the mean time, apologies for the inconvenience

Stefaan Vanhastel
F-16.net Webmaster.


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Unread post17 Jun 2013, 04:38

Hi Stefaan:
Can a full resolution start slideshow function button be added when viewing photos in the gallery section.

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