Flying an F-16 across the Ocean

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Unread post01 Oct 2021, 17:07

When Obi Wan logged onto Twitter: "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious"
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Unread post04 Oct 2021, 01:48

I didn't hear him mention it (and drivers on here can correct me) but I'm guessing that, all the over-water survival gear aside, there's probably somewhat of a comfort advantage to having that reclined seat on long hops like that vs. sitting in a more upright seat like in an Eagle or Warthog for the same amount of time. There were times in my old Sims during testing when I'd just tip my cranium back and take a cat nap while the Eggheads tried to decide what their next move was. :-P


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I'd think in a single-seater the catnap would be dangerous. Having a second set of controls would be a lot more margin of error.

Do you think they'll ever integrate some sort of multi-ship coordination for auto-pilot, where maybe your tanker can keep you all in an organized group over the ocean and wake you up for fuel transfers. Maybe even linking up would be better in automated mode. Integration like that would make late night transits seem effortless.




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basher54321 wrote:

Spoke to a Block 60 driver, who was doing the transatlantic flight from Spain to Shaw AFB in 2016. He said it was challenging at times particularly due to the weather. Air to air refueling was considered as a task to stay occupied.

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