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4 February 2021

Lockheed Martin will offer the Martin-Baker Mk18 ejection seat as a candidate for the F-21, in an effort to deliver a more competitive proposal for an Indian air force requirement for 114 fighters.

If confirmed, the IN18E seat would replace the Collins Aerospace ACES II from the original F-16 – Lockheed has rebranded the fighter as the ‘F-21’ for the Indian bid.

The IN18E seat features new technology to meet the latest aircrew physiological requirements. Specifically, it enables safe ejection for pilots wearing helmet-mounted displays. ... 82.article
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Yeah. The Ejection seat. From the indian Air Force pilot's perspective it's the most important piece of technology that a fighter aircraft has to have. :mrgreen: Way more important than a radar, weapons or engine.

What about ACES 5?

It features many improvements as well.

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