Tire Pressure Table in 12jg

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Hi. could anyone help me out on this issue. IN the TO for your tire pressure table,
there are a few notes to it. How do you actually read the tire pressure from the table with regards to the table..
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Hang in there, son, you're BTZ material....

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Ask the guy who tied your boots for ya! Sorry... couldn't resist. :evil:
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See folks this is what happens when avionics guys take a break from WOW to "cut train" as a crew chief.

To the OP,

I guess if it read..
1. open gauge box
2. take out gauge
3. look at it like you know all its working internals
4. replace gauge
5. close box

Bet you would rock if it were as easy as pulling boxes... hahaha
Don't worry buddy.. after a couple years you can run around telling all the Crew Chiefs you were "cut trained"... that seems to be the norm these days.

Anyways back to my Bitburger....
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It's time for winter pressures...310 all around! ;)

Actually the only notes I can think of (since I don't have a 12JG at home) is how much the jet weighs is how much pressure you need. Wing tanks? Munitions? Clean? Etc.
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omg, please tell me this is a big joke.
How do you actually read the tire pressure from the table with regards to the table..
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No offense but, Are you actually APG or what do you do? If you are a Crew Chief, what happen to tech school? Where are your NCOs?

Are you referring to the table in 12-10-00 for pressure depending on weight? I'm having trouble understanding the question.




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My god lads how many trades do you have. :lol: Me A rigger (that means Airframes all parts) and I am now a Mech that means it All it All except elec and av.




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:wtf: No Offense but, Its really simple. If you cant to tire pressure checks then you need to be services so you can hand out towels at the gym. The chart simply gives specific weights for the Acft. These weights are for certain configurations and are APPROXIMATE. Since these weights aren't exact, you have the option to service the tires to the maximum pressure for the maximum weight. If I remember right its 310 psi for the Nose and 320 for the Mains. The big thing to remember is DO NOT Hot Shot (Hose Set to 3000 psi) unless you dont want to live very long and the Mains have to be with in 10 psi of each other (I.E. Left Tire is 300 psi and Right Tire is 290 psi or 310 psi). Again, very easy! As someone stated above, where are your NCO's and experienced SrA?? If you are cut trained then I suggest a simple request to get out of the cut train since checking tire pressure is one of the easiest things that a crew chief does. If you need it broken down further then let us know and I'm sure someone will be more than happy to post a step by step guide on how to check tire pressures. :lmao:




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Does it have cumulative affect on wheel assembly in terms of loads / life, if higher weight pressure is often
used in lower weight aircraft ?

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