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Stefaan Webmaster Webmaster

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Unread post01 Jan 2009, 21:40

Many happy F-16 hours in 2009 to everyone - be it in the air, on the ground, or on! ;-)

Thanks to everyone for the extremely interesting contributions to, and hope to see you again on in 2009.

The team
Stefaan Vanhastel Webmaster.
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Elite 2K

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Unread post01 Jan 2009, 21:44

:cheers: TEG
[Airplanes are] near perfect, all they lack is the ability to forgive.
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Unread post06 Jan 2009, 05:22

thanks for the site, this site has broadened my knowledge of the Viper to reaches I never knew--thanks to not only the developers of the site but to the Admins, Mods and my fellow users. Happy New Year to all.
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Unread post06 Jan 2009, 09:59

Right back at ya, Stef :thumb:
No plane on Sunday, maybe be one come Monday...


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Unread post06 Jan 2009, 13:27

Salute, And best wishes for a Happy new Year. :cheers:
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