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US trying to sell the F-35 to India

November 21, 2011 (by Jason Hodgkiss) - As reported in both mainstream and aviation focused media, that the US government has been pushing the 5th Gen Fighter the F-35 to the Indian Air Force. This is after recent success with the C-17 and the 737 based P-8I been sold to India.

With India rejecting older generation U.S. aircraft -- the Lockheed's "Block 70" F-16 and the Boeing F-18 Hornet (including the Super Hornet) with New Delhi shortlisting European defence firms Dassault and Eurofighter for the contract for 126 jet fighters.

Despite, India having embarked on the path to co-develop its own 5th-Gen fighter, based on the Russian Sukhoi T-50 prototype, with New Delhi and Moscow inking a $295-million preliminary design contract (PDC) last December.

In a nine-page Pentagon report said the US Defense Department was continually looking for ways to expand defence cooperation with India, including joint development of arms as the military-to-military relationship matures.

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