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Tyndall graduates eight more F-22 Raptor pilots

August 11, 2014 (by Asif Shamim) - The 43rd Fighter Squadron graduated eight F-22 Raptor B-course students in a ceremony August 9, 2014.

F-22 Raptor B-course Class 14-BBR poses in front of an F-22 at Tyndall. Class members from left to right: 1st Lt. Eric Wallace, 1st Lt. Michael Sayers, 1st Lt. Michael Oliver, 1st Lt. Charlie Morris, 1st Lt. Justin Lennon, 1st Lt. Timothy Sattler, 1st Lt. Jeffrey Braden and 1st Lt. Patrick Ryan. [USAF Courtesy photo]

The students of Class 14-BBR completed an eight-month course of instruction, including 388 academic hours, 26 examinations, 39 sorties and 47 simulator missions. The B-course entails transition and emergency procedures, instrument tasks, as well as day and night air-to-air refueling. The students are also educated on air-to-air employment, air-to-ground employment, basic low altitude employment and night employment.

At course completion, students have flown approximately 55 hours and are prepared to begin mission qualification training in their combat unit. Once complete with MQT these students will be fully qualified to employ the F-22 in an air dominance role.

Graduates and their assignments:

  • 1st Lt. Jeffrey Braden - 19th Fighter Squadron, Hickam AFB
    1st Lt. Justin Lennon - 27th Fighter Squadron, Langley AFB
    1st Lt. Charlie Morris - 199th Fighter Squadron, Hickam AFB
    1st Lt. Michael Oliver - 94th Fighter Squadron, Langley AFB
    1st Lt. Patrick Ryan - 27th Fighter Squadron, Langley AFB
    1st Lt. Timothy Sattler - 90th Fighter Squadron, Elmendorf AFB
    1st Lt. Michael Sayers - 95th Fighter Squadron, Tyndall AFB
    1st Lt. Eric Wallace - 525th Fighter Squadron, Elmendorf AFB

Courtesy of 325th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

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