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F-22 engine sucks in debris causing $1M damage

November 6, 2007 (by Asif Shamim) - Air Force Times is reporting on an incident which resulted in an F-22A Raptor from the 53rd Wing suffering extensive engine damage after sucking in some debris.

The incident occurred on November 1st at Nellis Air Force Base when during post flight inspection maintainers inspecting the jet discovered damage to the right-side F119 engine. On conclusion official believed the engine ingested some sort of foreign object debris (FOD), but could not say what it was.

Initially estimations on repairs has the bill at $1 Million plus but this could increase depending on results of the investigation.

In October, 2005 and F-22A from the 27th Fighter Squadron operating from Hill Air Force Base suffered $6.7 Million worth of damage to the right engine after sucking in 5-inch-long landing gear pin while the engines were running.

Investigators concluded failure to remove the pin prior to engine start was a direct result of inadequate and incorrect technical order guidance that led to the pin remaining installed during engine start.

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