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Lockheed Martin fighter demonstration center takes F-22 and JSF messages to Washington

January 26, 2000 (by Jeff Hollenbeck) - Lockheed Martin has opened a high-tech Fighter Demonstration Center (FDC) near its offices in Crystal Tower II, Arlington, Va., to showcase the capabilities of the F-22 and Joint Strike Fighter (JSF).

The F/A-22 Raptor passed the 400-flight-hour mark here recently. Since the summer of 1998, the Edwards F/A-22 Combined Test Force has flown two aircraft during 183 evaluation missions. Raptors 4001 and 4002 have meet four out of five Department of Defense flight-test requirements for 1999. The last is expected to be met in December. [U.S. Air Force photo]

The FDC will be used to explain the attributes and capabilities of these next-generation fighters to military aviators, Department of Defense officials, and members of Congress. The center is a source of information for those in the acquisition community, allowing them to make better-informed decisions without having to travel away from Washington, D.C.

The center includes an F-22 cockpit demonstrator to illustrate the value of the Raptor's superb stealth, supercruise, agility and advanced integrated avionics, as the program seeks support for a production decision in late 2000.

A JSF advanced concept cockpit demonstrator allows visitors to "fly" realistic simulated multirole missions, as well as experience the short takeoff and vertical landing capability of the STOVL variant. Guests also can gain an appreciation for a "system of systems" capability of combining off-board information with on-board sensor data.

Together with the mission systems exhibits, visitors will be able to see the Lockheed Martin JSF team's low-risk approach to achieving the most affordable, lethal, survivable and supportable fighter for the U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps and the British Royal Navy and Air Force.

The FDC reflects the commitment of Lockheed Martin and its partners on these two critical fighter programs. Boeing is a partner on the F-22 program, and Northrop Grumman and BAE SYSTEMS (formerly British Aerospace) are partners on the JSF program.

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