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Raytheon awarded $140 million JSOW contract

January 6, 2004 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Raytheon has been awarded a $140 million contract for production of the Joint Stand-off Weapon (JSOW) for the US Navy and US Air Force. The contract includes 315 JSOW-As (231 for the Navy and 315 for the Air Force) and 97 JSOW-Cs (for the Navy) as well as a significant number of test assets.
The work should be completed by February 2006.

JSOW, a joint Navy and Air Force program, is a family of low-cost, air-to-ground weapons that employ an integrated Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation system that guides the weapon to the target. More than 400 JSOW-As have been used in combat operations to date.

The JSOW family is said to use a common and modular weapon body capable of carrying various payloads. Its long stand-off range, greater than 63 nautical miles, allows delivery from well outside the lethal range of most enemy air defences.

The AGM-154A (also called JSOW-A) variant dispenses BLU-97 combined-effect bomblets for use against soft and area targets. It is produced for use on the F/A-18, F-16, F-15E, B-1, B-2 and B-52 aircraft.

The AGM-154C, or JSOW-C, variant incorporates an imaging infrared seeker for high precision and a Broach multi-stage warhead which has both a blast-fragmentation and hard target penetration capability for use against its targets.

JSOW-C entered low-rate initial production in June. It is currently being produced for Navy F/A-18s and has been selected by Poland for use on its F-16s.