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Pilot fatigue contributed to June 12, Iraq F-16 mishap

December 23, 2003 (by Eric L. Palmer) - According to a final USAF report, pilot fatigue contributed to June 12, Iraq mishap where a USAF F-16 flamed out due to a mistake in fuel management.
As reported earlier; an F-16CG (#88-0424) assigned to the 421 EFS deployed to the Iraq AOR from Hill AFB, Utah, crashed as the result of a mistake in fuel management, June 12, 2003. The pilot ejected safely.

The report shows that pilot fatigue contributed to the events of the mishap.

Quoting a memo from the final reviewing authority: General Hornburg, Commander of Air Combat Command: "Based on my review of the evidence in the AIB Report and my experience flying combat missions in the Middle East, it is my opinion that unrecognized cumulative fatigue was a contributing factor in the mishap."

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