F-16 Fighting Falcon News

Dutch discard 29 F-16s MLU

October 26, 2003 (by Anonymous) - The Dutch Ministry of Defence has published the earlier announced defence cuts. In total 29 F-16M's , 6 new AH-64D 'Longbow' Apaches and all P-3 Orion aircraft will be withrawn from service.
Although Twenthe AB, home of 313 sqn and 315 sqn, received a whole new runway last year, it will be closed together with Valkenburg and Soesterberg.

Defence cuts for the Royal Marine and the Royal Army (withdrawal of 70 Leopard 2A6 main battle tanks) are planned as well.

The Group Guided Weapons at De Peel were to receive three Patriot Missile Systems from the Bundeswehr as a replacement for the old Hawk systems. However, during the defence cuts they were considered as 'not longer necessary'.