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Israeli companies to provide systems for Poland's new F-16s

August 7, 2003 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Lockheed-Martin has chosen Israeli defense industries to manufacture systems for the new F-16 military aircraft purchased by Poland. The first stage of the agreement is likely to amount to tens of millions of dollars.
The systems and products were originally developed for the 102 F-16Is purchased by Israel.

The stimulus for the agreement was the commitment by Lockheed-Martin for reciprocal procurement in Israel, as part of the F-16I purchase agreement. Israel paid $2.5 billion for the planes, and exercised options for another $2 billion, making it the largest Israel Defense Forces weapons purchase ever.

Lockheed-Martin also decided to include the Israeli systems in other F-16s, supplied to the US, Greek, and Chilean air forces, among others.

The purchase of the Israeli systems saves Lockheed-Martin money, since development of the products was completed in Israel, and the development expenses are already included in the price of the deal.

The Israel products included in the Polish planes will be standard components, including airplane wings, altitude stabilizers, directional stabilizers, various fuselage parts, and navigational systems. Companies participating in production include Israel Aircraft Industries, Carmiel-based Cyclone Aviation Products, and TAT Technologies (TATTF).

The components will be manufactured in Israel and flown to the US, where they will be used in airplanes manufactured on the Fort Worth, Texas production line.