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Hill F-16CG accident investigation report released

April 19, 1999 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Air Combat Command officials released the Aircraft Accident Investigation Report today on the Nov. 9, 1998, crash of an 388th Fighter Wing F-16CG from Hill Air Force Base, Utah.
The aircraft was from the 421st Fighter Squadron, and crashed on the Utah Test and Training Range. The pilot, Maj. Gregory Martineac, was killed in the accident. He was flying as part of a two-ship Flight Lead Upgrade Basic Fighter Maneuver training mission over the UTTR.

The report shows that while flying high-speed basic fighter maneuvers training, Martineac rapidly applied high G-forces to his aircraft and failed to perform an adequate anti-G straining maneuver, resulting in a G-induced loss of consciousness. The aircraft crashed while Martineac was incapacitated.