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South Korea signs for block 52 F-16s

July 26, 2000 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Lockheed Martin will supply a South Korean company with the parts and materials needed to build 20 new block 52 F-16 aircraft in a deal worth $700 million.
Lockheed Martin will license Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) to build the planes for the South Korean government.

The 20 new production F-16s will be the same configuration as the original Korean Fighter Program. Key elements of the configuration include:
  • F100-PW-229 Improved Performance Engine
  • ASPJ internal countermeasures system
  • APG-68 (V)7 radar
  • LANTIRN targeting and navigation system
  • AMRAAM radar missile capability
  • HARM missile capability
  • SLAM anti-ship missile capability
  • Advanced Identification Friend or Foe

First delivery will occur 36 months after contract signature in July 2003. Total program value is $700 million, of which $300 million is FMS and $400 million is commercial.

The first completed plane is scheduled to be delivered on July 2003.