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Indonesian Peace Bima Sena II deliveries concluded

January 18, 2018 (by Bjorn Claes) - Today the last two F-16C aircraft (#TS-1628 and #TS-1634) of the Peace Bima Sena II order were delivered to Indonesia.

TNI-AU F-16C block 25 #TS-1641 from SkU 16 is taxiing by the camera to the runway under some dark clouds. [ collection]

This order of second-hand USAF block 25 airframes was concluded back in November of 2011. First deliveries started in December of 2014 with an average delivery pace of 4 airframes every 6-8 months. Although these airframes are basically block 25 airframes, they were updated by the Ogden logistical complex with a CCIP like upgrade which makes them compatible with an M5 tape block 50/52, still lacking some of the features like advanced IFF. A second modification to equip the F-16s with the extended tailhousing for the drag chute was performed in-country after arrival from the US.

In the first place these airframes were intended to re-equip 16 Skadron Udara, but in the end a mixed fleet between both 3 SkU and 16 SkU is maintained. Question is whether the older block 15 A/B-models will suite in.

Additional images:

TNI-AU F-16D block 25 #TS-1624 is coming in for landing with brakes opened and back seat empty. [Photo by Alexander Sidharta]

TNI-AU F-16C block 25 #TS-1636 from 3 SkU is spotted strolling by the camera during an exercise with the USMC. [TNI-AU photo]
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