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RedEyes return to Colorado

May 20, 2015 (by Anthony Cornelius) - 140th Wing, Colorado Air National guard assets and support crew have returned home from a 90 day TSP (Theater Security Package) in Republic of Korea.

Two Redeyes welcome home members of the 140th the proper way, with a few sneakpasses behind the 767. [Photo by Anthony Cornelius]

The 140th Wing deployed back in February and have spent 90 days flying and integrating with other U.S. Air Force assets, conducting regular training missions with their F-16C Fighting Falcons in support of the United States continual commitment to stability and security in the Asian theater. In addition to valuable training, members of the 120th Fighter Squadron (FS) had the opportunity to train alongside allies and strengthen ties.

The 120th FS is a dual-purpose fighter squadron with pilots qualified to perform air-to-air and air-to-ground missions, including offensive counter-air (OCA), defensive counter-air (DCA), OCA interdiction, close air support (CAS), and combat search and rescue (CSAR) missions.

With the completion of this deployment it marks the end of the 7th deployment since Sept. 11, 2001 for the RedEyes. While in Korea a large number of airmen and aircraft remained at Buckley to support the 24-hour Aerospace Control Alert mission, responding at a moment’s notice to any airborne threats in the central United States.

On the way home for Korea the Redeyes made a brief fuel and rest stop in Hawaii before continuing on to Colorado.

Additional images:

Family's greeted members of the 140th just seconds after they landed at Buckley. [Photo by Anthony Cornelius]

The final Redeye brings his jet to rest in his parking spot at Buckley AFB, with this marks the end of the deployment. [Photo by Anthony Cornelius]

Emotions fill the air as the pilots are instantly greeted after stepping out of their F-16 aircraft. [Photo by Anthony Cornelius]