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Norway deploys 6 F-16s for operations against Libya

March 20, 2011 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Six F-16 jet fighters from Norway will take part in the Western-led military operations against Libya after the Norwegian Air Force has been given the go-ahead, the Norwegian news agency NTB reported on Saturday.

A Norwegian viper is in a steep turn on September 23rd, 1997 while practising some manouvers on a Norwegian training range. [RNoAF photo]

The Norwegian Air Force was ordered on Saturday night to have six F-16 jet fighters and over 100 pilots and other personnel ready for military operations in Libya, said the report.

The warplanes will take off right at the beginning of next week and will be based in Sicily, Italy.

Update: Norwegian TV showed 6 F-16 fighter jets leaving Bodø at 10:40 GMT on 21.03.2011 heading for southern Europe and

Additional images:

RNoAF F-16AM #681 from FLO is coming in for landing with it's chute deploying right before the wheels hit the runway. [F-16.net photo]

RNoAF F-16AM #667 from 331 skv is flying over an Afghan mountain region on February 18th, 2003. [RNoAF photo]

At Ganci AB, Kyrgyzstan, USAF and Norwegian Airmen use a 60K loader to move RNoAF F-16AM #686 toward the cargo hold of a Russian AN-124 Antonov transport aircraft on February 7th, 2003. The Falcon, damaged during a hard landing at the base, will be transported to Norway for salvage. [USAF photo by SrA. Ashley Center]