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Daedalus Aviation Group completed first FACh Pacer Amstel modification

January 21, 2011 (by Marc van Lokven) - On January 6th 2011 Daedalus Aviation Group completed their first Chilean F-16 structural "Pacer Amstel" modification after an uneventful, successful Functional Check Flight from Cerro Moreno Air Base in Chile.

Members of the Daedalus Aviation Group, the FACh & ENAER pose for a group photo during the Pacer Amstel modifications on FACh F-16s. [Photo courtesy of Daedalus Aviation Group]

After the Chilean Air Force (FACh) has bought surplus Mid Life Update (MLU) F-16 fighter aircraft from the Royal Netherlands Air Force, the Dutch defense industry committed to deliver in-country support.

The Daedalus Aviation Group, headquartered in Tilburg, has a lead role in this commitment and provides on-site F-16 support in various areas together with its Dutch defense industry partners all combined under an umbrella called "NEWCO".

In order to develop capabilities within FACh and its national MRO partner ENAER, Daedalus has been contracted to perform a life-extending structural modification project on a total of 3 FACh block 15 F-16 MLU aircraft known as "Pacer Amstel", which is a combination of the "Falcon Star" project, deferred work of "Falcon Up" and a significant amount of rewiring.

During this project knowledge will be gradually transferred to the Chileans who will do the rest of the fleet predominantly by themselves. Combining complex maintenance with an intensive on-the-job training is one of the unique competences that Daedalus offers to its clients. Besides the execution of the work itself, Daedalus also supported FACh during the preparation phase and is responsible for all associated Program Management tasks.

Just recently, on January 6th 2011, the first modified F-16, tail number #728, executed a successful Functional Check Flight, which is quite a performance considering the fact that during the modification the aircraft is disassembled for a substantial part. While the first aircraft has been officially turned back over to FACh, the modifications on the second F-16 are already two-third done and the third and final F-16 in this project is halfway completed and planned to be rolled out of the hangar at Antofagasta’s Cerro Moreno Air Base by the end of April 2011.

Courtesy of Daedalus Aviation Group

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FACh and ENAER technicians are trained on-the-job by Daedalus during Pacer Amstel modifications on FACh F-16s on June 1st, 2010. [Photo courtesy of Daedalus Aviation Group]
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