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AeroGroup trains Belgium F-16 Pilots at KB

June 2, 2008 (by C. Luark) - AeroGroup Inc. began training Belgium Air Force F-16 pilots at Kleine-Brogel Air Base.
Under an FMS program with the Air Force Education Training Command (AETC), AeroGroup is providing Instructor Pilots to train Belgian Air Force Pilots transitioning from Alpha-Jet initial training course. The contract has a one year base term with optional years.

In 2003, AeroGroup was the first commercial company selected by a NATO country to provide this type of training and support to the Royal Dutch Air Force ( RNlAF ). AeroGroup continues to be the only commercial company that provides outsourced F-16 training. AeroGroup is pursuing other F-16 operators, such as; Poland, Italy, Romania and Morocco.