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Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark deploy F-16s for possible Kosovo strike

January 20, 1999 (by Lieven Dewitte) - European NATO allies ordered more warplanes to Italy on Thursday to reinforce squadrons from 13 allied countries now on 48-hour standby for possible air strikes at Yugoslav military targets in Kosovo.
Belgium is sending six more F-16 fighter-bombers to join four already on station at the Amendola base in southern Italy. The Netherlands sends eight F-16s to Amendola.

Eight Dutch F-16s were already stationed in Italy as part of the NATO verification force patrolling the skies over Kosovo. Denmark said it would fly F-16 fighter aircraft to Italy's Grazzanise airbase, putting the force under NATO command for possible air strikes against Yugoslavia. Four fighter planes and two reserve aircraft will be sent.

The total number of personnel will be 120, including 12 pilots. An identical Danish force was stationed in Grazzanise in October.