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Thai and Singapore F-16s participate at Exercise Pitch Black 06

August 18, 2006 (by Asif Shamim) - Exercise Pitch Black 06, the biennial & largest exercise held by Royal Australian Air Force's is near completion, with its end date today 18 August 2006.

RTAF F-16B ADF #10201 from 102 sqn is touching down on the runway at RAAF Darwin during exercise 'Pitch Black 2006' on July 26th, 2006. [RAAF photo]

The exercise permitted men and women of the RAAF to participate with personal representing France, Singapore, Thailand, the UK and US.

The Exercise Pitch Black 2006 (PB06) scenario focuses on the operational and tactical levels of warfare. Designed by the Directorate of Plans at Air Command to hone the skills of all participating personnel, it is loosely based on recent events in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq.

For the exercise forces were divided into the standard enemy 'Red' & friendly 'Blue' Forces. The friendly forces aim was stop the expansion of an ‘enemy', and to protect foreign nationals from harm.

F-16 participants included aircraft from 102 Sqn, 103 Sqn & 403 Sqn of the RTAF which played the 'Blue' Force role and 143 Sqn of the RSAF, which had roles on both the 'Blue' & 'Red' forces.

The following serials were noted: