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Twenthe AB in The Netherlands closing down

July 11, 2006 (by Bjorn Claes) - Since today, Twenthe AB in the Netherlands is one step further in the process of closing down. The last commander of the base - Colonel Ralph Reefman - passed command to the Dutch Commander in Chief of the Air Force.
Twenthe AB lost its operational status already a while ago with the disbandment of the 315th squadron and the relocation of the 313th squadron to Volkel AB. With this change of command, another step has been taken towards the full closure of the base, envisioned in December of 2007.

In the mean time, Air Force personnel is still working on modifying 18 F-16s that have been sold to Chile. In the past, Twenthe AB supported 1200 troops, which has been gradually decreased over the past months to 350 troops. They will stay untill the definitive closure at the end of 2007.