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Update Taiwan F-16 crashes

August 23, 1999 (by Lieven Dewitte) - First crash last year into sea, no one seems to have a clue yet. They still haven't found the wreckage.
Second crash into the tea plantation early this year was a case of CFIT. There are reports that both an improperly calibrated ground TACAN station and pilot error may have been important. Third crash into sea - spring this year.

The HUD of wingman showed the plane suddenly pitch up and then dive vertically down! Presumably some flight control problem.

Fourth, most recent crash. The pilot was one of a 4-ship and another aircraft couldn't get its landing gear up so this plane was told to escort the problematic one back to base. They both practiced several approach landings to burn off fuel, then the one which crashed developed problems with power. Different reports talk about an engine or generator problem. The pilot ejected on last approach when he lost power.

(On August 18, 1999 an F-16B block 20 from the 455th Tactical Fighter Wing crashed on the Chiayi Air Base runway injuring one member of the crew. The cause of the accident is unknown.)