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Nosewheel collapsed on Belgian F-16AM

August 3, 2005 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Last monday the nosewheel of a Belgian F-16AM (#FA-83) from Kleine Brogel AB collapsed on the taxiway, in the final turn to the runway.

BAF F-16AM, #FA-83, prior to touching down on the Florennes AB runway during a TLP session on January 23rd, 2004. [Photo by Koen Herwers]

The pilot was Major Geert Dedecker, commanding officer of the Belgian 31 Tiger squadron. The #FA-83 was one of two M3 upgraded F-16 at Kleine Brogel.

The collapse was probably caused by metal fatigue. Six F-16s from Kleine Brogel will be scanned for this problem.