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Tulsa flight puts pilot's air time over elusive 4,000-hour mark

March 2, 2005 (by Anonymous) - Col. Brewster 'Boston' Butters has made hundreds of landings at Tulsa's 138th Fighter Wing airstrip, but he had never been greeted like he was Thursday, when he passed the 4,000-hour mark in the F-16.

125th FS - F-16C TULSA VIPERS (Gerald McMasters Collection)

About 8 years after passing the 3,000K mark, Col. Butters of the 125th "Tulsa Vipers" FS now joins a select club of six other pilots who accumulated more than 4,000 flight hours in the F-16.

F-16.net would like to congratulate Col. Butters (and his crew) for this wonderful achievement.

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