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Tucson Air National Guard gets new commander

November 7, 2004 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Today, Brig. Gen. Ronald Shoopman retired as the commander of the 162nd Fighter Wing of the Tucson ANG. The 162nd, the Air National Guard's largest unit, is now in the hands of Colonel Rick Moisio.
The 162nd Wing is used to flying under the radar, even in its own town. The 355th Wing at Davis Monthan usually grabs the headlines, but the 162nd actually trains some of the best F-16 pilots in the world.

International training is also part of the 162nd wings mission since 1989. Last September, the first two operational F-16 Block 60's landed at the Tucson ANG, where pilots of the United Arab Emirates started training.

Several soldiers from the 162nd are currently supporting operations in Iraq.