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Falcon 4.0 is flying high

December 23, 1998 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Hasbro Interactive's ultimate flight simulation game, Falcon 4. 0, from MicroProse is receiving stellar reviews from PC game enthusiasts across the globe.
While Falcon 3. 0 set the standard for modern flight sims, Falcon 4. 0 is establishing the new benchmark for PC flight simulation games around the world -- breaking the sight and sound barriers with its cutting-edge graphics, realism, multiplayer action and dynamic campaigns. Falcon 4. 0 has received some of the highest review scores ever given to any game, from some of the world's premier gaming magazines including a 95 percent rating from the UK's PC gaming magazine, PC Zone; a 92 percent rating from Germany's Gamestar magazine; and a 98 percent rating in Australia's PowerPlay magazine.

Falcon 4. 0 is a simulation set in the Korean peninsula, with areola-time, full-scale war in progress. Players take on the role of a pilot in an F-16 and face a variety of tactical land and air missions. Providing the most authentic F-16C flight modeling to date, the game includes highly detailed models of avionics systems, weapons systems, threat environments and artificial intelligence. The simulated planes, air bases, weapons and other objects are rendered with detailed 3-D texture-mapped graphics, and the terrain graphics were created using digitized aerial photography, creating a highly realistic visual experience for the player.

Included in Falcon 4. 0's computer modeling are tens of thousands of tanks, aircraft, ships and military personnel attempting to carry out orders from all levels within the military's organizational system. A complex campaign manager creates a living, evolving land/air battle environment in which the F-16 pilots fly their missions in real time. Gamers choose their missions based on the context of the ongoing battle that allows them to personally make a difference in the campaign.