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 MSgt. Bryant "Wash" Washington (Ret.)

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Name MSgt. Bryant Washington (Ret.)
Unit 23rd Fighter Squadron "Fighting Hawks"
Crewing F-16s from 1986 until 2009
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I'm currently assigned to a F-15 Unit. 71st AMU Langley Va

Current or Favourite assignment

This was my favorite unit. I spent 10 years as a member of the 23 Fighting Hawks.


Provide Comfort, Northern Watch, Deny Flight

My Jets & Assignments

79330 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 311th Fighter Squadron "Sidewinders" [Unit History]
Period 1986 - 1989
Current: 79330  USAF 364 TRS F-16A Block 10 [i/a]
This was first first F-16 unit. the 311 AMU of the 58 AGS Luke AFB Arizona. I won sevearl %-Star awards during my 3 1/2 yrs assigned there. My first Pilot was a young Capt Neubauer. Who just so happens to be the Wing Commander at Luke today. Wow 311TFTS- SIDEWINDERS Anyone remember the rattles snake we had in the AMU? Folks i remember- names like Holly, tony Rogers, Speedy, Lt Col mattingly, Sec CC Capt mahalia Sawyer, Armbruster, Wade, Jim Risen, Merwin. Joney sawyer
86349 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 613th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Squids" [Unit History]
Period 1989 - 1992
Current: 86349  USAF 119 FS F-16C Block 30 [act]
Wow what can i say about being stationed at Torrejon , Spain. 20 minutes from Madrid and 2 1/2 years of partying and drinking. LOL Oh yeah we worked also. The Crew chiefs were SSgt Haskel Johnson, (now CMSgt) SrA David Saguin (now Capt) and myself. belive it or not we still keep in touch with one another. SQUIDS- THE MANY HANDS OF MAINTENANCE- and drinking
87245 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 614th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Lucky Devils" [Unit History]
Period 1991 - 1992
Current: 87245  USAF 182 FS F-16C Block 30 [act]
After the 613 TFS closed up. I moved over to the 614 TFS. I was there for the remaining 3 months or so until the base finally closed up as we transferred the remaining F-16 Block 30's to Spangdahlem AB, Germany. Who would have known that I would work the exact same Acft once i arrived at Spangdahlem. 614th LUCKY DEVILS
86361 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 23rd Fighter Squadron "Fighting Hawks" [Unit History]
Period 1992 - 1998
Current: 86361  USAF 162 FS F-16C Block 30 [w/o]
Welcome to Spangdahlem Germany and the 23 FS. Now this was 6 years of excitement and TDY's. I loved this acft. It wasnt the flag ship but was always the cleanest ACFT on base. yes looked better than the flagship. Unfortunately after transferring this acft to the Springfield Ohio, Guard it crashed a few years ago. :-( FIGHTING HAWKS
91403 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 23rd Fighter Squadron "Fighting Hawks" [Unit History]
Period 1993 - 1998
Current: 91403  USAF 480 FS F-16C Block 50 [act]
This had to be one of my favorite acft i ever crewed. i guess because i was the first Crew Chief to ever crew this acft. It arrrived from the factory with about 20 Flt hours. This acft later became the Sq Flagship as i was the the Crew Chief. I went through about 5 Commanders during this time. the last 2 were Lt Col Steel (M/G Steele today) and Lt Col Fielder. He once cussed out a MSgt and told him to carry some Acft equip on his back to Turkey... LOL "FIGHTING HAWKS"
F-15 Eagle
Unit 67FS Kadena AB, Okinawa
Period 1998 - 2002
My first experience working Eagles. I welcomed the challenge and loved the Assignment. I WENT FROM THE 23 FS FIGHTING HAWKS--AND BECAME A 67TH FIGHTING COCK
Unit 23rd Fighter Squadron "Fighting Hawks" [History]
Period 2002 - 2006
Back in Germany once again. Only this time as a Specialist Flt chief. later becoming the Pro Super. 4 more years of sucking down Heineken, Bitburger and Perminators. partying in K-Town, Pinnochio's in Holland, and the Jet Set, Yvette's, Coyutes, Images, etc. ONCE A HAWK, ALWAYS A HAWK!
Unit 79th Fighter Squadron "Tigers" [History]
Period 2006 - 2008
Here I became a Tiger and earned my Tiger Stripes. "ROAR"
Unit 35th Fighter Squadron "Pantons" [History]
Period 2008 - 2009
Here I became a Panton-- "PUSH IT UP"
F-15 Eagle
Unit 71st AMU Langley AFB, Virginia
Period 2009 - 2011
This was the last Active F-15C Squadron in the U.S. I was there to close the AMU up in Summer of 2010. Was some great memories, though i only spent a short time there.

Visitor Comments

Joni (Sawyer) Kelsey, Sep 14, 2009 - 12:44 AM

Hey, I remember the snakes! We went thru several of them. They would keep them in the building and they would get cold, then they would put them outside. That was crazy. I had some good times @ Luke. I am still working on planes. C-17's @ Altus.

They are pretty cool but not like the VIPER.

Fighting Hawks
Tom Fisher, Nov 02, 2009 - 05:04 PM

I agree, Spangdahlem and the 23d was my best assignment as well. I remember it fondly, having spent 6 years there from 89-95. I had 362 and then 409. I still have my litho hanging up at home.

First F-16 Unit
MSgt Will Nash, May 15, 2013 - 06:46 PM

Wash, looks like you had a great career and saw a lot of Vipers and some Eagles to. Wound up near my home in Virginia. My last unit, 192nd ANG, now flies the Raptors of the FF Wing at Langley.

I have to disagree with you on one point though. The 311 was not the first F-16 unit. I left the 311th in the fall of 1979 to join the 16th AMU of the 388TFW at Hill where the first F-16s were already flying. We filled out the 16th, and 34th by mid 1980 and the 4th and 421st by early 1981. Many of the airframes we had in the 16th and 34th were transferred to Luke when the F-4s left.

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