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  CMSgt. Ismail Yavuz (Ret.)

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Name CMSgt. Ismail Yavuz (Ret.)
Unit 141 Filo "Kurt (Wolf)"
Crewing F-16s from 1990 until 2000
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My first Airplane was F-4 Phantom which I have worked on as crew-chief at flightline for four years.It was a nice time with my friends during working in the east side of Turkey. Then I assigned to F-104 aircraft Air base in west side of My country. Almost five years working on the "Starfighters" at phase shop as a maintenance technician was very hard but I gained too much experience on structure and mechanical sytems of airplane.

In 1990 I have been trained as a F-16 mechanic specialist. and I have worked on Block 30/40/50 at several squadrons and base operation as a crew-chief and Superviser.

In 1999 I was issgned to be F-16 Mechanical systems Instructor in F-16 training center in Ankara.After teaching 6 years I graduated many Turkish Air Force and (UAE)United Arap Emirates mechanic and pilots.

F-16 Aircraft Mechanical Instructor&Head Instructor
TUAF, 4nd Main Jet Base, F-16 Technical Training Center Ankara, TURKEY
Jan 1999 - Jan 2006
F-16 Aircraft Mechanical Instructor & Head Instructor,
Responsible for the administration of the training center, control and scheduled
training activities. Technical instructor is for both theoretical and hands-on Airplane
Mechanic system training at the Flight line and Phase Hangar. Responsible for
Airplane General Systems teaching, training and motivating of personnel such as,
Pilot, Maintenance Officer, All branch of Maintenance Technicians and Airplane General
(Crew-Chief) Technicians.
Used and developed Computer Based Training Programs. Prepared lectures,
presentations and handouts about Aircraft Documentation, Maintenance Integrated
Data Access System Manuals, Airplane General Maintenance Procedures, Ground
Handling, Scheduled Maintenance, Landing Gear Maintenance, Flight line Inspections,
Aircraft Servicing, Basic Weight and Balance Procedures and Aircraft Safety, etc.

Performed Chief instructor of Aircraft Mechanical Lessons and then Head
Instructor of the Training Center.

Technical Instructor for all Maintenance Personnel and Pilots, Instructor for
International Maintenance Personnel students (i.e. Belgian, German, Netherland,
Italian, Denmark, Norwegian, U.A. Emirates, USA, U.K ).

Performed instructor for Practical application at the flight line or Hangar in order
to removal and installation of system parts, fault isolation, airplane inspections
and maintenance.

In 2006 I was retired from TuAF and contracted with Deadelus Aviation Company to work on MLU F-16's as Mechanical System Specialist for Royal Nederland Air Force in Volkel Airbase.

F-16 Aircraft Mechanical Specialist
Daedalus Aviation Group Inc. , Royal Nederland Air Force, Volkel Air Base
Feb 2006 - Mar 2007
F-16 Aircraft Mechanical Specialist,
Technical consultant responsible for performing airplane scheduled and unscheduled
inspections at EASA Part-145 approved Hangar. All types of routine and scheduled
maintenance including; Removal and installation of Engine and Aircraft mechanical
systems parts, flight control surfaces, and landing gear parts. Finding and isolating
faults of Mechanical systems which are Fuel, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Environmental
Control Systems, and Landing Gear systems

In mid of 2007 I returned home and contracted with (TAI) Turkish Aerospace Industries to work as Airplane Mechanical System Specialist in Ankara.

Current or Favourite assignment

Senior Technical Instructor/Lecturer, Aircraft Mechanical

TUSAŞ - Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI) TUSAŞ – Academy, (*)
University Lecturer ANKARA, TURKEY
2008 - Jul 2022

Senior Technical Instructor / Aircraft Mechanical,
Prepare/instruct both theoretical and practical lectures on assembly, maintenance of
airframes, and power plant training by using computer-based training programs. The
theoretical parts of the lectures are provided in the classrooms. The practical
application of the manufacturing training programs is provided on aircraft at the
assembly workshops and maintenance training at flight-line or in the hangar and On
the Job Training programs.
The responsibilities within the job description include; Preparation of training material
including student handouts and presentations in line with the syllabus requested by
the EASA Part-66, Part-147 regulations or the Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, and Airbus
The prepared course material of lectures about aircraft documentation include in
S100D standard, ATA-100 Chapters, Integrated Data Access System (MIDAS) Technical
Orders (T.O), and Airplane Mechanical Systems including Fuel System, Pneumatic and
Hydraulic Systems, Flight Control System, Landing Gear Systems, Crew Escape
System, Power Plant Systems, Weight Balance Procedures, Aircraft Servicing, etc
The practical experience is to teach work-related skills, and knowledge, or examine
and inspect aircraft components, including landing gear, hydraulic systems, oxygen
systems, fuel systems, etc. to locate cracks, breaks, leaks, or other problems. Conduct
routine and special inspections as required by technical regulations.
To teach inspect airframes for wear or other defects and measure parts for wear,
using precision instruments. Maintain, repair, and rebuild aircraft structures,
functional components, and parts, such as wings and fuselage, rigging, and hydraulic
Prepared training is for manufacture, modification, upgrade, and maintenance which
depend on the project or program.
Conducted theoretical and practical courses to certifying staff.
Lectured aircraft technicians, engineers, pilots, and students.
Evaluated and revised lesson plans and course content to achieve student-centered
Used a variety of learning modalities and support materials to facilitate the learning
process and accentuate presentations.

Some A/C Mechanical Lectures ;
• Maintenance Documentation MIDAS and (ATA-100 Chapters)
• Aircraft General Maintenance, (ATA 00-20)
• Aircraft Ground Handling Procedures, (ATA 00-20) Towing, Jacking, Mooring etc.
• Aircraft and Crew Station Safety, (ATA 00-20)
• Flight Control Systems/Rigging and Functional Test, (ATA 27)
• Aircraft Fuel System and Refuel & Defuel, (ATA 28)
• Aircraft Hydraulic System, (ATA 29)
• Aircraft Landing Gear Systems, (ATA 32)
• Aircraft Oxygen System, (ATA 35)
• Aircraft Pneumatic Supply System, (ATA 36)
• Power Plant, Jet Engine Familiarization, (ATA 70)
• Aircraft Crew Escape (Egress) System, (ATA 95)
• Aircraft Canopy Removal/Installation & Rigging, (ATA 95)
• Aircraft Weight and Balance Procedures, (ATA 08)
• Aircraft Phase Maintenance Inspection,
• Aircraft Pre-flight / Post-flight Inspection,
• Aircraft Launch and Recovery Inspection,
• Engine Run Operation Procedures,
• Aircraft Familiarization and Ground Safety,
• Engine Run Operation Procedures,
• Servicing Liquid/Gaseous Oxygen,
• Aircraft Nitrogen Servicing,
• Engineering Drawings Reading,
• Solid Rivet Application,
• Sealant Application,
• Bolt & Nut Installation Torquing,
• Safety Wiring Procedures,
• Product Discipline & FOD Prevention and Control.

(*) University Lecturer, assigned by TUSAŞ Management for teaching students of Gazi
University at TUSAŞ-Kazan Vocational College in Ankara.


Deny Flight -- Ghedi AB-ITALY
Red Flag -- Nellis AB- USA
Ample Train -- Orland - NORWAY
NATO Air Meet-- Konya - TURKEY

My Jets & Assignments

F-4 Phantom II
Unit 172 Filo
Period 1982 - 1986
F-104 Starfighter
Unit 161 filo
Period 1986 - 1990
Unit 161 Filo "Bat (Yarasa)" [History]
Period 1990 - 1996
88-0033 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 141 Filo "Kurt (Wolf)" [Unit History]
Period 1996 - 2000
Current: 88-0033   TuAF 152 Filo F-16C Block 40 [ act]
88-0015 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit F-16 Technical Training Center Ankara
Period 2000 - 2006
Current: 88-0015   TuAF 192 Filo F-16D Block 40 [ act]
J-640 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 312th squadron "Bonzo" [Unit History]
Period 2006 - 2007
Current: J-640   F-16A Block 20 MLU [ w/o]
Unit Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI)
Period 2007 - 2022
Unit 4 Ana Jet Üs [History]
Period -
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