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  CMSgt. Greg " Bernie" Bernitt (Ret.)

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Name CMSgt. Greg Bernitt (Ret.)
Unit 310th Fighter Squadron "Tophats"
Crewing F-16s from 1979 until 1981
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USAF Aircraft Technician & Sr Maintenance Manager (Retired CMSgt/E-9) Sep 72 – Dec 98
Fighter and Special Operations aircraft maintainer serving at field and major command levels in the US, Pacific, European, Southeast, and Southwest Asian theaters over a span of 14 assignments over 26+ years. Managed and maintained Aircraft platforms include F-4D/E, F-16A/C, AC/MC-130 and HH-53.

F-16 Assignments included Hill 16TFTS, (First Crew Chief to accept aircraft at factory, Jan 1979), F-16A 78-003; MacDill AFB, 61 AMU, Sep 79 - Aug 83; F-16A 78-040; Hahn AB, 83 -85, 313 AMU Pro-Super, 85' Gunsmoke Team NCOIC; HQ USAFE, F-16 Supt, Ramstein AB, 85-87, USAFE and FMS Conversions and Beddowns; Luke AFB, Jan 88 - Jun 92, F-16C Block 42 Conversion, NCOIC, 310th AMU; Osan AB, Jul 92 - Jun 94, Fiend Chief, 36FS.

HQ PACAF IG, Jun 94 - Jun 97, Lead Mx Insp; 16 AGS, Mx Supt, AC-130H/U Gunships & MC-130 Talon I & IIs.

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