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 SrA. Michael "Test" Rehby

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Name SrA. Michael Rehby
Unit 157th Fighter Squadron "Swamp Fox"
Crewing F-16s
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Website 157th FS, attached to the 169th FS
I started my career at the beginning of 2015, landing at McEntire JNGB during late that September. The following year I would make my first experiences in S.K., landing at Osan AFB with the 169th for a show of force event. After supporting the B1Lancer fly over at the boarder of N.K., and a nuclear detonation in response, we eventually made our way back home in South Carolina. I would stay with the unit, performing 2 TDYs to Tyndall AFB in florida and 1 MRT to McConnell AFB. November of 2017 landed me orders to Kunsan AFB S.K. and in early 2018 I showed face for my second Korean expedition. I fell in with the 80th FS and became a high performing Juvat. I toured Thailand, Singapore, and Japan as well as the rest of the S.K. country side. Aircraft 90-0791 would become my primary aircraft as I took on the title of DCC. I shifted more towards being a midshifter, servicing liquid oxygen on most nights and finished off with training individuals on Hotpitting. I then returned to McEntire JNGB South Carolina in 2019, deploying to Saudi Arabia in 2021. I've remained with the unit to this date, winning multiple awards as I became the DCC to aircraft A92-3924, dedicating much of my time to perfecting the airframe entirely as if it rolled off the production line the day before.

Current or Favourite assignment

157th FS, attached to 169th FS. I am an active component dedicated to unifying Active, Reserve, and National Guard resources to make F-16s fly missions.


My first tour in South Korea was a major show of force before the peace treaty was signed. The event made North Korea show their own way of force by detonating a nuclear bomb in their territory underground. The bomb would shake the ground beneath my feet and give me the understanding of the gravity of how close we could've been to full time war if peace talks were not negotiated. In Saudi Arabia I crewed F-16C models as I was away from my primary F-16D assignment. I came to see MRT to Bagram, and Al udeid where I learned KC 135s. Jets I seen out accomplished missions, and I came to a collection of arming pins that are more then what they seem.

My Jets & Assignments

92924 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 157th Fighter Squadron "Swamp Fox" [Unit History]
Period 2019 -
Current: 92924  USAF 157 FS F-16D Block 52 [act]
A92-3924 has become my crowning achievement. I have come to repair, replace or test every component from pitot tube to rudder, spanning wing to wing and accomplishing every job I could get my hands on with any shop attempting to work it. I've won many awards on the airframe and continue to prove its capabilities to this very day. Pilots will ask for the aircraft even as a two seater model, and many will come to say they prefer this over many of the fleets C model variants, making me a proud DCC.
90791 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 80th Fighter Squadron "Juvats" [Unit History]
Period 2018 - 2019
Current: 90791  USAF 80 FS F-16D Block 40 [act]
I was primary DCC for Aircraft 90-0791, demonstrating not only my knowledge of F16s, but specifically D model block 52s. I was stationed at Kunsan AFB and would come to love the unit as they took care of me. To this day, I still find myself crushing it on the flightline and nothing more from it.
91393 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 157th Fighter Squadron "Swamp Fox" [Unit History]
Period 2015 - 2018
Current: 91393  USAF 157 FS F-16C Block 52 [act]
I started my work after Tech school in Texas and Luke AFB. I took on my first priority which was Aircraft 91-0393. I maintained the airframe to and from korea and built a history with it. Much of what I have done with the jet remains with me to this day as memory of where I came from.

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