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Name TSgt. Jason Blataric
Unit 301st Fighter Wing
Crewing F-16s
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I was on active duty in the Air Force from January 1996 to June 2000 at Lackland AFB, Sheppard AFB, Hill AFB, and Misawa AB. Ten months after I separated, I moved from California to Texas to join the Texas Air National Guard from March 2001 to November 2008 at Lackland. In May 2007, I got married and graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio, and in 2008 I was offered a job with Northrop Grumman developing maintainer and pilot training on the F-35 program in El Segundo, CA. I transferred to the California Air National Guard in December 2008 at Fresno ANGB. In May 2012, I transferred my civilian job to Fort Worth and transferred to the Air Force Reserve at NAS Fort Worth JRB.

My Jets & Assignments

87391 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 34th Fighter Squadron "Rams" [Unit History]
Period 1996 - 1998
Current: 87391   USAF 416 FLTS F-16D Block 40 [ act]
My first jet with my name on the gear door. I deployed once with the 34th FS to Prince Sultan AB in Saudi Arabia for a 45-day tour.
Unit 14th Fighter Squadron "Samurais" [History]
Period 1998 - 2000
Assigned to 14th FS Phase section for my two years here. I deployed once with them to Prince Sultan AB in Saudi Arabia, (my 2nd trip here) for a 90-day tour.
Unit 149th Fighter Wing [History]
Period 2001 - 2004
Assigned to Phase section for three years before transferring to the flightline.
87365 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 149th Fighter Wing [Unit History]
Period 2004 - 2005
Current: 87365   USAF 195 FS F-16D Block 30 [ act]
87248 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 149th Fighter Wing [Unit History]
Period 2005 - 2008
Current: 87248   USAF 182 FS F-16C Block 30 [ act]
I was proud of this one. It was my first jet to have my name on the right canopy sill, and my nickname "Batman". I also spray-painted round bat symbols on the hubcaps and had various Batman decals inside several maintenance doors. I even painted my ear defenders a flat black, and painted the "Batman Begins" bat logo in chrome on each ear cup. My only regret was not doing a Batman-themed travel pod.
Unit 144th Fighter Wing [History]
Period 2008 - 2012
Unit 301st Fighter Wing [History]
Period 2012 -
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