10 gruppo (AMI)


10 gruppo "Picca" (AMI)
Version: F-16A/B block 15 ADF
Role:Air Defense
Tailband: N/A
Motto: Il cavallino rampante (The ramping little horse)
Badge: A rampant black horse on a white background.
Converted to the EF-2000 on July 1st, 2010.

Sideways profile for 10 Gruppo in 2008.

F-16 History

The first F-16 for the Italian Air Force was delivered to 10 Gruppo in the summer of 2003. The F-16s replaced the venerable F-104S ASA-M in the interceptor role. These F-16s were leased from the United States for an initial period of 5 years, with an extension period for another 5 years. Since this period started in 2003, it seems that the 5-year option has been granted by the Italian government. This extension makes it possible to make a smooth transition to the Eurofighter Typhoon, which is the intended replacement of the F-104 within the AMI.

AMI F-16A ADF #MM7242 from 37 stormo is coming in for landing at Decimomannu AB, Italy. [Photo by Massimo Pieranunzi]

The F-16s in the squadrons are all ADF versions. This was done intentionally because the aircraft only have interception duties. They could be made available by the USAF quickly without having to undergo extensive modification or upgrade programs before becoming operational.

The squadron was moved to Gioia del Colle under the 36th Stormo to operate the EF-2000 in July of 2010.

Aircraft Markings History

2003 - 2010

The serial number is displayed at the bottom of the tail and the wing marking on top.

Unit History

  • 1917: Activation of the squadron in Pasian di Prato
  • 1917: 'Nieuport' Ni-17
  • 1917: 'SPAD' VII
  • 1917: 'Hanriot' HD-1
  • 1918: Disbanded
  • 1931: Activation of the squadron in Campoformido (part of 4 Stormo)
  • 1931: 'Fiat' CR.20
  • 1931: 'Fiat' CR.20 (Gorizia)
  • 1933: 'Fiat' CR.30
  • 1936: 'Fiat' CR.32
  • 1939: 'Fiat' CR.42
  • 1940: 'Fiat' CR.42 (Tobruk, Lybia)
  • 1941: 'Fiat' CR.42 (Gorizia)
  • 1941: 'Macchi' C.200
  • 1941: 'Macchi' C.200 (Catania)
  • 1941: 'Macchi' C.202 (Udine)
  • 1943: 'Macchi' C.205V
  • 1946: DH-100 'Vampire' (Capodichino AB)
  • 1956: F-86E 'Sabre' (Pratica di Mare AB)
  • 1961: F-86E 'Sabre' (Grazzanise AB, part of 9 Stormo)
  • 1963: F-104G 'Starfighter'
  • 1973: F-104S 'Starfighter'
  • 1988: F-104S ASA 'Starfighter'
  • 1998: F-104S ASA-M 'Starfighter'
  • 2003: F-16A ADF 'Fighting Falcon' (Trapani AB, part of 37 Stormo)
  • 2010: Converted

F-16 Airframe Inventory


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