Viper Driver Flying Hours

  Lt.Col. Bob "Body" Verkroost

Viper Driver

Name Lt.Col. Bob "Body" Verkroost
Unit 311th squadron "Eagle"
Flying F-16s
Viper Hours 3000
First F-16 flight in May of 1985 at Leeuwarden after flying the NF-5 for two years. 312 Sqn at Volkel AB from mid/late 80's. DWIC-grad.

  • 1985-89: Volkel AB (306 sqn and 312 sqn)

  • 1989-91: F-16 Ready Team Twenthe AB (313 sqn) and Gize-Rijen AB (313 sqn)

  • 1991-98: Leeuwarden AB (323/TACTESS)

  • 1998-03: Twenthe AB (Ops O & Commander 313 sqn)

  • 2003-05: Volkel AB (Commander 311 sqn)

  • 2005-present: international staff officer/non flying job (NATO)

Bob Verkroost ejected from F-16A J-625 (311 sqn) while on low-level training in Goose-Bay, Canada. He was assigned to 312 sqn then. The crash was described in the Dutch Air Force "Veilig Vliegen" magazine. Later, he ejected from F-16A J-359 (314 sqn) just after take-off from Leeuwarden after an engine failure. This probably makes him the only Dutch pilot to eject twice from an F-16.

F-16 Flying Hours

3,000 Hours #99 on the 3K list
Unit   311th squadron "Eagle" [Unit History]
Date 8 January 2004
Comment First Dutch pilot to reach 3,000 hours. It took him 9 years to accrue the last 1,000 hours.
2,000 Hours #157 on the 2K list
Unit N/A
Date June 1995
1,000 Hours #714 on the 1K list
Unit N/A
Date May 1990

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