Viper Driver Flying Hours

  Lt.Col. Chuck "Nafod" Frazier (Ret.)

Viper Driver

Name Lt.Col. Chuck "Nafod" Frazier (Ret.)
Unit 162nd Fighter Wing
Flying F-16s
Viper Hours 1354
USN from July 1976 to August 1982. 2 Deployments on USS Independence (CV 62) June 1979 to Dec 1979 and Nov 1980 to May 1981. On station in the Indian Ocean when President Reagan was inaugurated and the Iranian hostages were finally released. 356 carrier landings,115 at night. 1000+ hours in A7E.
AZANG 162TFG from Jan 1983 to April 1995. 1000+ hours in A7D, Flew F-16A/Bs from March 1987 to March 1995. 1354 hours in F16A/B. FWS IP in the A7D and F16A.
UPS Pilot from Jan 1995 to Dec 2016. Finally sold out to the Airlines. The Attack and Fighter communities were a lot more fun and rewarding.

F-16 Flying Hours

1,000 Hours #2848 on the 1K list
Unit   162nd Fighter Wing [Unit History]
Date unknown

Flying Hours on other aircraft

A-7 Corsair II
Hours 2000+

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