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In Memoriam

Major Yonatan Begin

Major Yonatan Begin

27 March 2000

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Maj. Yonatan Begin
Anthony, Nov 28, 2010 - 02:25 AM

I just read the news about former Prime Minister Menachem Begin's grandson's unfortunate accident.

What a brave and loyal family to the cause of faith, freedom and dignity.

I have always admired Prime Minister Begin's life, from a young man, struggling to survive the horrors of what happened in Europe to mankind, the innocents who perished from that Evil Conflagration, how the Jews--and many others--managed throught courage and their faith, to survive; and now this young, brave man dies tragically.

Prayers for him and may Israel and America and the Free world remember the sacrifices of all men who gave their lives for our freedom-

Anthony Lisanti

Hollywood, Florida

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