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Major Samuel "Dago" D'Angelo

Major Samuel "Dago" D'Angelo

1 July 1999

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Anonymous, Jun 25, 2008 - 08:39 PM

Sam, can't believe it's been 9 years--hope you're havin' fun as always. sure miss you man.

In Hoc Brother,


A Great Man
Jay Hendrickson, Jun 25, 2008 - 08:50 PM

To anybody reading this, Sam was an amazing, incrdible individual, as was attested to by 1000+ attending his services at Homestead AF base after his passing. He had a sharp, bright mind, an easy personality, and was a helluva lot of fun to be around. never knew anyone who knew the ins and outs of Miami Hurricane football like him. He was a great mentor to us undergraduate Sigma Chi fraternity Brothers, giving time and energy to our chapter as an alumnus, and the brothers to a man all loved him. He was obviously equally loved in his role as reserve pilot by his Air Force buddies, and in his role as commercial pilot by his cowerkers, and of course by his family.

I came across this tribute page and saw there were no comments and I just couldn't let this tribute go un-commented on. If you're reading this, know that Sam was 1 in a million, was a great, grreat man, and we all love him and miss him


viper46, Aug 06, 2008 - 05:48 PM

I was at EOR that fateful day when we were waiting on 2 to arrive with it's red ball. We did our normal salutation hand gestures (number 1 Fan) when you moved your mask to the side`and stuck out yor tongue I almost wet myself laughing so hard. I just wish I could have said goodbye my friend. I sure hope your having fun up there.

Lintbag, Nov 16, 2008 - 03:50 AM

Did not know this was here. We still drink a toast to you at each squadron gathering of us former Mako's

Sammy D
Guido, Jun 07, 2009 - 04:54 AM

Came across this by chance. Glad to see he is so well remembered. I went to high school with Sam. He was a gold standard; a benchmark. I'm sorry he's not around.

Skip Flynn (Rev.), Jun 27, 2009 - 10:03 PM

Wow! What a surprise to come across this. Thanks for keeping the memory of a really special man alive. I continue to tell Sam stories all these years later and the start of the hurricane's football season is never quit the same without Sam.

the Sigma Cjhi house at UM still reverberates with Sam's Spirit.

10 Years
Andrew, Jul 01, 2009 - 09:48 PM

Not a day goes by my brother. Not a day goes by...

My brother, you are missed
Kenny D, Jul 01, 2009 - 10:00 PM

Ten years and I still think about my brother, every day.

Remembering Sam always brings a huge smile to my face. He was always a lot of fun to be around. He lived to share his good times with anyone who wanted to come along, whether it was tailgating at the Orange Bowl, sailing around Blackwater Sound in Key Largo, or buying rounds while playing "Crud" at the Officer's Club. I know it sounds cliché, but there will never be another friend, pilot, sailor or brother as unique as our Sammy “Dago” D’.

I ask everyone who visits to please leave a story about how you knew Sam. Let us keep his spirit alive!

I'd like to share that even today, when I come upon a difficult decision or task in life, I still ask myself...what would Sammy do? He was THAT great of an influence in my life, and always brought the greatest amount of cheerfulness to any life he touched.

Miss you, brother...I am so proud of you! Your legacy continues through your nephew, Samuel Clem D’Angelo.

Your Legacy
Lauren Chance Boyd, Jul 14, 2009 - 09:06 PM

I didn't know Sam, but I've heard so many stories from the Clems and the D'Angelos. Sam has influenced these families and does live on in them. I wish I could have known the original Sammy D.

Blessings to you on this tough 10th anniversary.

Thinking about you
Kenny D, Jul 01, 2010 - 03:39 PM

Sammy, you're still in our lives everyday making us smile!

Sam and his car at EX Coral Cables house
Alan J. Williams Canadian NAVY, Oct 05, 2010 - 10:55 PM

I think of you a lot Sam and Skipper and I talk of you.

You were very generous when you loaned us your car during spring break. I enjoyed the friendly teasing back and forth over Air Force Versus NAVY

You are a good man and will not be forgotten Brother.

Still Around
Kenny D, Jul 01, 2011 - 04:00 PM

Sammy, you still have the talent to draw people to you and continue to be the topic of conversation. You are around us all the time. Your li'l nephew , Sammy D', has taken an interest in being the next greatest fighter pilot. He has his own flight suit with your name tag attached with Velcro and runs around the house playing with the jet models you had on your desk - the ones you told me not to touch - there's a degree of pleasant irony in there somewhere.

So here it is, 12 years later, an you are still providing fun for all and affecting lives in a positive way. You are greatly missed, brother...just thought I'd share.

A Great Man. A Great Loss
Timothy A. Goldman, Jul 23, 2011 - 11:25 PM

I had the pleasure of meeting Sam back in 1979 while at Air Force ROTC summer camp, Dover AFB, Delaware. We were in C Flight together. He was such a competitor and a fun guy to be around. We even temaed up to win the relay at the camp's track meet. Since the both of us had wings we would talk about what it would be like to fly for the Air Force. We both wanted fighters but after our orientation rides at Columbus Air Force Base, Missiissppi I changed my mind and wanted transports. I would never see Sam again after Dover but we followed each other through our mutual contacts. It was great to hear he got his fighter. He is truly missed.

Voted MVP on winless high school soccer squad.
Mark Lyon - 'Mario', Jul 27, 2011 - 04:16 AM

May be the only time Sam came in last, but at least he was the best at it! Went to high school with Sam, and I've still have never met a more capable, versatile, and lively human being. In (distant) retrospect, I don't even mind my h.s. girlfriend still carried a torch for him.

When I heard the bad news, on the radio in my car, I pulled over in disbelief. It's somehow fitting that he left us, actively engaged. His service remains vivid, a significant memory of how loved he was. I miss you, but I'm one of hundreds. Hundreds.

A legend!
Mike Valdes, Dec 15, 2012 - 03:48 AM

I consider myself extremely lucky in that I had the absolute privilege of having met Sam! As a Life Support Tech, we would get to see these very unique and special guys (fighter pilots) don their gear right before takeoff. It was my job to make sure they were content/satisfied. I worked that day, the day of the accident. Once the news came, you could here a fly fart. It saddened all of us. In his memorial you just couldn't hold back the tears. Sam was a true friend, a hell of a fighter pilot, and just one happy-glucky kind of guy. Sammy this world just isn't the same without you bud! R.I.P.

Still Around
Kenny D, Jul 01, 2013 - 10:58 PM

Sam, you've been around alot lately.

At a recent happy hour we talked about how much sailing with you was fun, and always enjoyed drinkin' your Miller High Life - your economical beer of choice.

The boys enjoy looking at the picture of you standing on top of Robin Olds F4 (we had just seen a dogfight documentary and were excited that you had a picture with the plane).

Even flashing back to when I was little when you taught me not to "Step in the Bucket" when swinging a baseball bat - I was teaching little Sammy this in our back yard this weekend.

Miss you brother - even though you I know you are still around.

Sammy D'Angelo
Gary Ramey, Nov 11, 2013 - 01:05 PM


My "Little Brother" at Sigma Chi.

You are dearly missed by many.

My kids have heard stories about you and your name came up just yesterday.

You and your brother Bobby always carried yourselves with class and pride.

You had a profound effect on me And my hope is that my son grows up to be a man like you.

We miss your smile, your laugh, and your positive outlook.

Keep the party going up there till I get there!


Still remember
Susan Kelly Archer, Dec 12, 2013 - 08:44 PM

I went to high school with Sam - still remember hitching rides after school in his little green car. Re-connected when we were both in the USAF (if only by phone) - he sure could cheer anyone up! I still tell students about this great friend I had in high school who had so very many talents - he could light up a room in a heartbeat, whether it was a joke or a song or some line from some play or movie. He may have moved on - but he'll never be forgotten.

Major Samuel "Dago" D'Angelo
Msgt Phil Vargas, Aug 22, 2014 - 05:31 AM

I will never forget as long as I am alive on this earth that fateful day I launched out Dago at HARB. I was the "B" man that morning and still picture him walking over to the plane holding his flight gear. I too have a sailboat and time again on the boat I think of him while sailing. He was a crewchiefs friend and always took the time to shoot the sh*t with us. Although it was the hand of God that took our Pilot it made me a better Crewdawg and maintenance Technician. The US should change Homestead ARB name to D'Angel ARB. You will forever be missed.

16 Years
Kenny D', Jul 01, 2015 - 10:38 PM

Miss you Sam...everyday! Thanks to everyone for leaving their stories. Keep 'em coming!

"Our lives change like the weather but a legend never dies."

- Jimmy Buffett

Always Home
Ed Skiba, PA-C, MPAS, Jul 01, 2016 - 02:12 PM

I was made an official member of the D'Angelo " Hoard" when mom realized that Kenny brought home a puppy and she had to keep me! You and Bobby D' always took time to teach my teenage ego how to be a respectable man. You always treated me no better or worse than Bobby or Kenny in both praise and criticism. You and Chrissy always took care of us when we went to the keys and you always did what you needed so we could " just have a happy Christmas "! You were and still are always present.

That's a lot of "always". No matter what, I was ALWAYS HOME.

I and the Skiba Klan will always spend Independence Day with Kenny D', Vera, Sammy and Scott Robert as a tribute to your sacrifice and as an expression of love and gratitude.

I hope you realize whatever it was that was missing, eaten or drunk, it was Kenny!!

I love you Brother. Save a spot for the rest of us up there

Generous Brother
Kenny D', Jul 02, 2016 - 01:09 AM

Ed's posting (above) is a perfect example about how Sam ALWAYS was gleefully involved in our lives. Sam, you truly loved to help others find their ultimate level of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” A perfect example is how you let me, Ed and "the Crew" live in #38 (the beach townhome you owned) and selflessly let us live there virtually rent-free. Your generosity gave us the experience of an amazing life growing up at the beach and provided us the delightful unstructured environment that played a huge role on who we are today (Not sure, but I think that turned out to be a good thing). I speak on behalf of "the Crew" and wish to say thank you.

By the way, if it was missing - it was Jay, if it was eaten - it was Menard, if it was drunk - was me. "Here's to the Breezes..!"

Miss you my brother.

Michael Hamilton, Dec 28, 2016 - 03:50 PM

Dago. Always had a smile and kindness for me. The cockpit picture was taken in Brazil 1997 during Tiger 3 photo shoot During our walk around I said Dago make sure they get my name in the shots. He smiled and gave me a thumbs up.

I remember the day of the crash.

On your way out tapping my candy dish "No chocolates"


Wish you were here
Ed Skiba, Jul 01, 2018 - 01:11 PM

Wish you were here Sam. The world was such a better place with your laugh and wit! We Americans spend so much time finding ways to disagree that the voice of reason is drown in the miasma of people just wanting to be heard. You were always a voice of reason and guidance for me, Kenny and the Crew. You were a leader pointing us in the right direction, whispering advice but never shouting your opinion to drown out ours. You never lived among the lemmings. You and Bobby were our standard.

I only hope some of your wisdom, reason and understanding lives in and through us.

Miss you brother

20 Years
Kenny D, Jul 02, 2019 - 03:55 AM

Samuel D'Angelo III


2 March 1959 - 1 July 1999

Last 20 years - I am honored to live everyday promoting your vibrant spirit that influences lives around us in the most positive way. Because of you, my brother, I have everything I could dream of: Love of family and friends and the blessing to know how to appreciate it all!

30 years before, you taught me how to live, and to truly embrace the fun in life while deeply loving those around you.

You have known me my whole life...and have always been there...even today.

I reflect on the past 50 years of my life, and what a great influence you continue to be for those around I wear your college ring, every day, in your memory.

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