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480th FS commander surpasses 2,000 flying hours
Lt Col Mike Richard, 480th Fighter Squadron commander, surpassed 2,000 flying hours on October 18th, 2018, in the airspace around Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany.
Belgium buys 34 F-35s
Today the Belgian government decided to buy up to 34 F-35s for its air force to replace the current fleet of 54 operational F-16s.
'Shooters' deploy in support of Operation Inherent Resolve
U.S. Airmen assigned to the 55th Fighter Squadron, 20th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron and supporting units, deployed to an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia in support of Operation Inherent Resolve.
F-16 Fleet Status
F-16 fleet - Nov 19, 2018
Fleet overview:
scrapped: 105
write-off: 603
preserved: 147
stored: 669
instructional: 104
on order: 0
active: 2949
Changes '17/'18:
Fleet adds: 7
Fleet drop: 35
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Today in F-16 history
Nov 2003
Norwegian Air Force becomes first international customer for the Pantera tergetting pod, the export version of the Sniper XR pod.
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Quote of the Day
Death is just nature's way of telling you to watch your airspeed...
-- Unknown
F-16 Hall of Fame
7,000 Flying Hours
USAF #83165
F-16C Block 25
Was the first F-16 airframe to break 7,000 flight hours and a small commemorative decal was applied to the tail in 2008. This Viper also wears 15 various bomb markings and three gun strafe markings from a prior OIF deployment and hence was called 'Lethal Lady'. It was retired just a few months after reaching the 7,000 flight hours.
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Callsign of the day

Callsign "Pappy"

Oldest Guy in the squadron.
Sierra Hotel
Latest Viper Drivers to reach 1K - 6K flying hours:
6,000 Hours 6,000 Hrs

  Lt.Col. Mike "Brillo" Brill

| 466 FS | 421 FS  
5,000 Hours 5,000 Hrs

  Lt.Col. Robert "T. Rex" Carpenter , Jr

| 162 FW | 148 FS | 1 sqn  
4,000 Hours 4,000 Hrs

  Lt.Col. Maurice "Skunk" Schonk

| 323 sqn | 323 sqn | 323 sqn  
3,000 Hours 3,000 Hrs

  Lt.Col. Grant "Goo" Gooch

124 FS | 124 FS | 182 FS  
2,000 Hours 2,000 Hrs
1,000 Hours 1,000 Hrs
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Crew Chief Profiles

 SrA Nicolas Smith

 (added: 16 Mar 2018)
555 FS

 SrA. Tracy Lauzon

 (added: 13 Nov 2018)
308 FS | 308 FS

 Sgt.Maj. Joop van der Made

 (added: 10 Nov 2018)
312 sqn

 SMSgt. Sean Bailey

 (added: 11 Jan 2009)
182 FS | 93 FS | C-5 | C-130 | KC-135 | B-52

 SSgt. Dan Dunn

 (added: 2 Apr 2016)
8 FW | 8 FW | 6510 TW
F-16 Unit
80 FS "Juvats" (USAF PACAF)