US Air Force - USAFE F-16s

USAF F-16D block 25 #84-1331 from the 10th TFS spotted during a TDY at Incirlik AB in 1988. [Photo by Viper331]


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    This bird never seemed to fly right after the collision with the glider. I flew it back to the US when we closed down Hahn AFB. It flew like it was a little bent. The ECS quit over Scotland, so "Bo" Boera (on the wing) and I diverted to Alconbury. The cockpit decompressed pretty quickly when the ECS broke, and I had to dive pretty quickly so that the cabin pressure wouldn't get above 25,000' (and go to the flight docs!). We chilled out in England for a couple of days untill the ECS got fixed and another tanker was available to drag us across the pond to the 163rd.

    Col. B.A. Andrews

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