US Air Force - ANG F-16s

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    4-Ship Capitol Denver [USAF photo]
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    Special tail marking of a Virginia Air Guard celebrating 50 years of operations [USAF photo]
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    USAF F-16C from the 192nd FW/149th FS with a TARS reconnaissance pod on the centerline hardpoint, and Pylon Integrated Dispenser system on the number 7 station. The Virginia ANG unit was the first F-16 unit to achieve IOC on the Theater Airborne Reconnaissance System [USAF photo]
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    Virginia ANG F-16C (192nd Wing Commander's aircraft) over Richmond. [USAF photo]
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    An Arizona ANG F-16C over typical 'home-land' [USAF photo]
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    USAF F-16C block 25 #84294, assigned to the Vermont ANG at the Burlington ANGB ramp [Photo by SSG Mike Yeager]
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    USAF F-16D block 30, #86044, parked with a cargo container under the left wing [Photo by SSG Mike Yeager]
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    Two-ship F-16A formation from the Puerto Rico ANG - front, 198th FS Squadron Commander's bird #82-0953, back 156th FG Commander's bird [USAF photo]
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    USAF F-16C block 42, #89-2138 and #89-2145 over Oklahoma [USAF photo]
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    Oklahoma ANG F-16C block 42, #89-2138 and #89-2145 in the clouds [USAF photo]
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    USAF F-16B ADF from the 191st FIG. Note the checkerboard painting above the intake [Photo by Munnaf H. Joarder]
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    This used to be an Arizona ANG viper with number #79-0357, untill it was transferred to the Vermont ANG to be used as a weapons load trainer. Now it is used as a recruiting tool during fairs and expo's, painted in a special livery [Photo by Philippe Colin]