US Air Force - AFMC F-16s

  • 87-0377.jpg
    USAF F-16D block 30 #87-0377 from the 416th FLTS lands on the Edwards AFB runway on October 23rd after the completion of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter air start testing. The F-16 provided support during the F-35 testing. [USAF photo by SrA. Julius Delos Reyes]
  • 86-0050.jpg
    Two Edwards F-16s (F-16D block 30 #86-0050 & F-16C block 30 #85-1460) both from the 416th FLTS take off from the new base main runway on October 31st, 2008. This marked the runway's first operational use. [USAF photo by A1C. William O'Brien]
  • 91-0383.jpg
    USAF F-16C block 50 #91-0383 from the 416th FLTS is returning to Nellis AFB after a Red Flag mission on February 4th, 2009. [Photo by EOR]
  • 88-0445.jpg
    Edwards based F-16C block 42 #88-0445 from the 416th FLTS takes off for the vast bombing and gunnery ranges of Nellis AFB on February 4th, 2009 as part of Red Flag. This marked the first time an AFMC unit has ever deployed and participated in the exercise. [Photo by John Mumaw]
  • 78-0077.jpg
    USAF F-16B block 1 #78-0077 from the 6512th TS is parked on the tarmac equiped with a pair of Sidewinders. [Er-Ning Chang collection]
  • 78-0097_002.jpg
    USAF F-16B block 1 #78-0097 from the 39th FLTS is parked on the flightline armed with an AIM-120 prototype missile. [Er-Ning Chang collection]
  • 79-0408.jpg
    USAF F-16A block 10 #79-0408 from the 6512th TS is strolling past the lens at Edwards AFB. [Er-Ning Chang collection]
  • 80-0584_002.jpg
    USAF F-16AM #80-0584 from the 416th FTS is flying over Edwards AFB. This is the only MLU F-16 in service with the USAF. [USAF photo]
  • 86-0371.jpg
    Maj. Gen. David Eichhorn, AFTC commander, pilots F-16C block 30 #86-0371 from the 445th FLTS alongside a NASA F/A-18 Hornet flown by NASA research pilot Frank Batteas during a sortie. Kevin Petersen, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center director, was in the rear cockpit of the F/A-18 during the mission on April 2nd, 2009 the day before he retired from NASA. [NASA photo by Jim Ross]
  • 83-1143.jpg
    USAF F-16C block 25 #83-1143 from the 3247th TS is flying on a test mission in the late eighties. [Er-Ning Chang collection]
  • 83-1143_001.JPG
    USAF F-16C block 25 #83-1143 is parked on the tarmac at Sheppard AFB and is used there as ground instructional airframe since 1994. [Er-Ning Chang collection]
  • 79-371.jpg
    USAF F-16A block 10 #79-0371 seen today as an instructional airframe at Sheppard AFB. This aircraft is still in use in the USAF to train crew chiefs. [USAF photo]