US Air Force F-16s

  • 87-0253
    USAF F-16C block 30 #87-0253 is being pushed to the limits at Hill AFB probably after a major overhaul at the Ogden logistics center since it still is in complete bare metal finishing on October 6th, 2010. [Photo by Tim Lachenmaier]
  • 84-1381
    USAF F-16C block 25 #84-1381 in the colors of the 62nd FS is parked in a row of sisterships at Mojave AP on March 13th, 2009 while flying with Calspan Bicycle as a private venture airframe. [ photo by Jid Webb]
  • 78-0088
    Airmen from the New Jersey ANG 177th FW Crash Disabled Damaged Aircraft Recovery team maneuver F-16B block 1 #78-0 088 hooked up to a crane lift on September 19th, 2015 at NAS Wildwood Aviation Museum. The CDDAR team completed crane lift training, a tri-annual certification used in the event an immobile aircraft needs to be removed from a runway quickly and safely. [USAF photo by SrA. Shane S. Karp]
  • FCDT
    Lockheed Martin completed more than 27,000 hours of simulated flight time on an F-16C block 50 aircraft at Lockheed Martin’s Full Scale Durability Test facility in Fort Worth. [Lockheed Martin photo by Angel DelCueto]
  • 83-1137
    USAF F-16C block 25 #83-1137 is buzzing over NAS Fort Worth on October 12th, 2006 acting as a Lockheed chase plane for the F-35 program. [ photo by Tom Tessier]
  • Legion Pod
    A dual seat F-16D is seen during take off carrying the infrared search-and-track (IRST) Legion Pod that is intended not specifically for the F-16 but for the F-15 fleet, although it is certified for the Viper. [Lockheed Martin photo]
  • 82-0974
    USAF F-16A block 15 #82-0974 is spotted flying over Schiphol-Oost right after it left the Fokker plant in November of 1983. This is one of two USAF F-16s built by the Fokker plant. [Photo by Bram van der Vijver]
  • 86-0222
    USAF F-16C block 30 #86-0222 shooting an approach at NAS Fort Worth on July 11th, 1987 while on a pre-delivery test flight from General Dynamics. In a couple of days it would be on its way to its first owner, the 480th TFS. [Photo by Keith Snyder]
  • 86-2048
    USAF NF-16D block 30 #86-2048 is spotted in an entirely new colorscheme still being operated by Calspan in February of 2019. [USAF photo]