US Air Force F-16s

USAF F-16A block 15 #80-0600 void of unit markings during a pre-delivery test flight with General Dynamics. The aircraft crashed on January 12th, 1983 killing the pilot. [GD photo]


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    This crash was was due to the early design of the G-Suit connecter. It was a push in pull out disconnect. After this crash, all F-16's were fitted with a screw in type hose. Pete was a Capt. and I.P with the FWW/FWS, Air to Air with the next commander of the FWS, (I don't remember his name, a Lt. Col.) They were mixing it up good when Pete's jet went strait and level. The aggressor broke it off, and came to assistance. Visually noted by the Col., "Pete was blacked out." (later determined that the G-Suit hose had become disconnected)Wing to wing, the Col. made radio transmissions calling," Pete wake up, wake up Pete ." Moments later turbulance bumped the jet, just enough to to cause Pete's arm to put pressure on the "Touch Stick".

    The jet dived into the desert. Pete was a great Fighter Pilot and my friend. I was his Crew Chief and the only reason he was flying 80-600 that day was 80-531, our jet ground aborted. I miss him , and somtimes think, if only my JFS doors would have opened that day, on our bird, the primary jet, things might have been different. His spare helmut sits on my desk, now some 20 years later, always of a reminder of what a great man he was.

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