Royal Danish Air Force F-16s

  • aam.jpg
    A Danish F-16A, #E-609, with open travel pod at the 1997 Oulu, Finland, airshow [Photo by Jari Mikkild]
  • aan.jpg
    RDAF F-16s flying a low-level mission over the Norwegian coast. [RDAF photo]
  • aao.jpg
    Danish F-16A banking away and exposing its recce-pod. [RDAF photo]
  • aap.jpg
    Close formation take-off by two Danish F-16s [RDAF photo]
  • aaq.jpg
    RDAF F-16A #E-180 in "Holger Danske" color scheme, celebrating 50 years of NATO [RDAF Photo]
  • aar.jpg
    Danish AF F-16 three-ship, seen from the backseat of an F-16B [RDAF photo]
  • aas.jpg
    Low Level: A Kongelige Danske Flygevaben F-16A on a low-level training sortie in Norway. [RDAF photo via Kim C. Eilers]
  • aat.jpg
    RDAF F-16BM #ET-612 fitted with wingtip AIM-120 Amraam missiles [Photo by Robert Dahler]
  • aau.jpg
    RDAF E-180 special markings to celebrate 50 years of NATO [RDAF photo]
  • aav.jpg
    RDAF #E-177 and #E-180 with MLU update logo and special markings of 50 year NATO [RDAF photo]
  • aaw.jpg
    RDAF F-16AM, #E-190, on take-off with the landig gear just retracting [MilAviationPics photo]
  • aax.jpg
    RDAF F-16AM, #E-008, and sistership F-16BM, #ET-614, parked in the static display [Photo by Robert Arts]