F-16 Accidents

F-16 gun found 100 miles west of Baghdad. Any one know what F-16 this belonged to? [USAF photo]


  • Anonymous on 2005-Mar-10 19:14:03 Anonymous said

    Mike Kopack

    Can anyone confirm that this is in fact an F-16's gun? (Weapons guys out there?)

    These are the Gulf War losses that I can find. Because of the location, I would think that only two are possibilities.

    87-0228 Lost over Baghdad
    87-0257 West of Tallil
    87-0224 Kuwait
    84-1218 Unknown location. This is a possibility.
    84-1390 Basra area
    88-0453 Unknown location. This is a possibility.
  • Anonymous on 2005-Mar-20 00:07:34 Anonymous said

    Adams, H. L.

    Yes after working all Blks of F-16 (BLk 5 thru 52) that is a F-16 gun.How? The center barrell clamp and the way the chute "A" feed into the gun.
  • Anonymous on 2005-Mar-31 14:36:10 Anonymous said


    I believe this gun belongs to aircraft 88-0424. Lost in June of 2003 due to mechanical failure.
  • Anonymous on 2005-May-09 07:54:15 Anonymous said


    aircraft 424 was lost because of a stupid pilot not a mechanic, fuel does not transfer with the ifr door open
  • Anonymous on 2005-May-19 12:18:36 Anonymous said


    ...fuel will also not x-fer to the tanks in mid-air if the jet isn't hooked to the tanker boom. not for sure, but it could be from 424 that was lost there from the 421st at hill while deployed to iraq in summer of '03...
  • Anonymous on 2006-Mar-27 01:08:22 Anonymous said

    Get story straight

    Mac - You should know the true story before you call someone a "stupid pilot". The AR switch was closed . . .
  • Gary on 2007-Jun-21 05:29:12 Gary said

    F-16 Gun in the Desert?

    Your question is the wisest on this page. I have 24 years of flightline Weapons experience on the F-16. Is this an F-16 Gun? It could well be. Truth is the M61 20 mm cannon has been used for many years and on many Aircraft. To determine what Aircraft any particular M61 is from comes down to how it is configured. This is a matter of how the housing is positiond, specific mounts and the end plate that is totally out of view in this picture. Next I guess you would have to consider what Aircraft have been flown in that area to include the Navy, they use that gun too. Out of all those Aircraft how many of each were lost in that area and if you don't have all that info you can't know what type let alone what specific Aircraft that gun came from. It could be an F-16 Gun but it doesn't have to be. That's the truth of it.
  • mac on 2009-Nov-05 20:52:16 mac said

    Get story straight

    Yea read the accident report it was pilot error!

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