Cockpit and HUD details

  • aaz.jpg
    Mock-up of Israeli F-16D block 52 cockpit at LMTAS, for designing verifications [LMTAS photo]
  • aba.jpg
    F-16A/B cockpit [BAF photo]
  • abb.jpg
    F-16 MLU cockpit [BAF photo]
  • abc.jpg
    Left MFD of the F-16 MLU [Photo by Martin Ingold]
  • abd.jpg
    Right MFD of the F-16 MLU [Photo by Martin Ingold]
  • abe.jpg
    Backseat MFD's and upfront panel [USAF photo]
  • abf.jpg
    HUD view [USAF photo]
  • abg.jpg
    BAF F-16 MLU cockpit with the new screens, upfront HUD controls and adjusted stick [Military Aircraft Collection photo by Michael Stolle]
  • abh.jpg
    Impression of a future advanced cockpit lay-out [Photo by Stock]
  • abi.jpg
    An MLU cockpit [USAF photo]
  • abj.jpg
    A block 60 cockpit [USAF photo]
  • abk.jpg
    An F-16A cockpit [USAF photo]