Cockpit and HUD details

Cockpit detail of USAF F-16A block 5 #78-0022 who is currently displayed at Wright Patterson AFB and photographed there on November 13th, 2007. [Photo by Dirk A. Geerts]


  • LinkF16SimDude on 2014-Nov-12 00:20:17 LinkF16SimDude said

    This is actually a Singer-Link F-16A Weapon System Trainer (WST) from the early to mid 1980's. TFS 10 to be exact. It is NOT a cockpit from a jet. The RADIO CALL decal above the landing gear lights indicating "78022" doesn't necessarily mean that this pit is representative of that tail number. It was only applied to enhance realism. The WST software was not written to duplicate a specific air frame.

    And on a side note, the museum placard for this display says it spent some time at Shaw AFB. However several of my old Link contacts say TFS 10 in fact spent most of it's time at Kunsan AFB, South Korea before being retired.
  • LinkF16SimDude on 2014-Nov-12 00:26:09 LinkF16SimDude said

    It's also configured as a Block 15, not a block 5. (Typo?)

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